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Tooth Abscess: How to Identify, Treat, and Prevent

Do you have a severe pain in tooth? Is it creating trouble to you? Is it disturbing your sleeping system cycle? Do you take any medicine for it? After taking it, still the pain is constant and you won’t be able to eat anything.

It shows that you had an abscess in your tooth right. An abscess tooth can be too painful according to the survey. Un treated abscess tooth can be trouble creating and the pain is unbearable if I am not wrong.

Do we have a happy news for the people who are affected? Abscess tooth can be treated as soon as possible by the sudden treatment and as well pain reliever.

The major part of tooth abscess patients must get their self to the dentist as soon as possible.

The dentist is the one who can treat you properly in a good way that you might get rid of this pain.

When you are taking an appointment from dentist, you must discuss what the major cause of tooth abscess is and then you realize that what would happen with you when you go to the dentist.

What is a Tooth Abscess?

It is a fungus in your tooth. The pain can travel suddenly in the whole jaw. Pain seems out of nowhere, the infection has been making from many but you won’t know it.

Tooth Abscess VS Gum Abscess

Tooth Abscess:- Basically the tooth abscess is the one who occur inside your tooth in the form of abscess that’s why it is painful.

Gum Abscess:- The term refers that when an abscess occurred between the gum and tooth. Food can fix in the gums and it leads to bacteria that’s why it is infected and pain can travel and your jaw seems to be liked locked.

How people know they have an Abscess Tooth?

First of all you feel pain. If it is abscess tooth you don’t know what’s wrong with your tooth. The pain varies from slow to severe by time.

The indication of an abscess tooth is the pain you won’t be able to ignore it. The pain is that much hard you won’t tolerate it.

The pain has several more symptoms.


Bad Breath

Swollen Jaw

Painful chewing or biting

How Abscess Tooth Occurred?

There are two major causes of abscess tooth.

Severe tooth decay

Physical Trauma to tooth

How to treat an abscess tooth?

First of all you will straight away go to the Alcoa dentist he will examine your condition in detail then he will do the proper treatment according to your health.

Major Treatments

Root Canal: It is the process in which dentist is trying to save your tooth. In this scenario your infection has been removed through this treatment.


In this process root canal is not feasible for the patient because the condition of tooth is extremely bad that’s why this extraction is done possibly just because of the severe fungus in it.

Is there any remedy for tooth abscess in the home?

No, you will need a proper treatment for this otherwise you will be in the trouble just because of your own negligence.

What would happen if not treated on time ?

The infection travels through your mouth to the whole body and it leads to life threatening .

Prevent from tooth abscess?

Take the healthy diet.

Check your oral health properly don’t ignore it.

Cover your tooth brush on daily basis and brush your teeth properly.

Brush your teeth twice a day atleast.

Use mouth it will protect your gums and strengthens it.

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